*All Military, Law Enforcement, and Primary Custody Parents ask to receive discounts

Holly Curtis, Grief Recovery Specialist


Welcome! I have been involved with Grief Recovery for 3 years. After attending a session, simply as a friend helping out a friend, I saw my life change from the inside out. I never knew these kinds of changes were possible, and I decided I wanted to help as many others find such freedom and happiness. 


At the beginning of each session, each participant is required to agree to and sign a contract of commitment to the program to ensure their success, as well as to complete confidentiality for the safety and honesty needed to truly benefit from the program.

I Only Have The Tools

I, as a Grief Recovery Specialist, am here to teach you myths you may have learned of how to handle grief, why things you may have tried might not be working, how to deal with others trying to comfort you and who mean well as you grieve, how to truly recover from grief, and to support you as you complete one specific loss in your life. I will also continue to support you as part of our GR Alumni program.

You, however, must want to learn how to recover, be willing to be truly honest with yourself, and do the work it takes to change your capacity for happiness.

Together, we can do this!