*All Military, Law Enforcement, and Primary Custody Parents ask to receive discounts

Upcoming Events

Divorce Recovery

This group will begin Sunday, MAY 6 at 7:30pm in Cedar Park and run for 7 weeks. (Location given in sign up email)

We will be applying the Group Recovery Method Program with a focus for those dealing with recent or past divorces or difficult relationships.

Coupons available for all military, law enforcement, and primary custody single parents.

Grief Recovery Group Session

Our next session begins MAY 21 at 7:30pm in Cedar Park and will run for 8 weeks.  (Location given in sign up email)

We will apply the results-proven program through a series of classes taught by your Specialist, Holly Curtis. Coupons are available for all military, law enforcement, and primary custody parents.

How To Raise Emotionally Healthy Children

This is a one night class taught to parents, grandparents, school and otherwise children related workers. We cover how to help children learn the effective and correct ways of dealing with any losses, changes, and challenges that life may bring.

Taught by GR Specialist & Life Coach, Holly Curtis.

JUNE 2 at 7pm  Cedar Park Library

FREE Divorce Recovery Talk

I will be hosting a FREE talk in Central Austin soon!

Please continue watching for date and location announcement.

Grief Recovery Individual Sessions

These sessions fill up quickly. Please contact me if you are interested in signing on for an Individual Session to complete the Grief Recovery Method Program on a one on one basis.

These last 7 weeks and are typically conducted in North Austin, but we can arrange for other locations when necessary. 

Life Coach Sessions

Through NEW DAY with Holly you can sign up for week by week, as needed, one hour or monthly sessions. 

These sessions meet the needs of those who simply need someone to talk to about life. This is a strictly confidential and safe space to come and talk. As a Life Coach, Holly can give you guidance and accountability IF you request it, otherwise, you may simply have a place to unload all that is on your mind and heart.

$40/hr. Extended program prices vary.

These are typically conducted in Cedar Park, but you can agree to a different location if possible.