*All Military, Law Enforcement, and Primary Custody Parents ask to receive discounts


"I could already feel the difference in how I dealt with people and felt when I was only halfway through the process. I thought that it can't be this simple, but it is, and it permanently changed my life."

Kim C., age 32, Marketing Director

"After years of looking for answers and hours of therapy, where we talked a lot about it, it felt amazing to actually do something about it! I could feel and see the release of of all that I had been carrying around with me for years, even stuff I had no idea was affecting me! Brought it to the surface and then cleaned house!"

Jack D., age 53, Mortgage Broker

"I went along as a friend to support someone (an accountability partner), and I was sure I did not need this. It was for him, I thought. I walked away with a healing I didn't even know I needed. I would suggest this for ANYone!"

Steven P., age 27,  US ARMY

"Some things used to trigger me in an argument. I hated that I could go from fine to so upset so quickly. I kind of knew why, but I didn't really know how to stop those feelings from resurfacing. I wasn't always sure I wanted to, in hopes that they would protect me, too. Nothing triggers me anymore. The past hurts are literally gone. I would have never believed it until I tried it."

Amy W., age 39, Work From Home Mom

"When going through a divorce, you try to say the right things to your children. Then you realize, 'I have no idea what the right things to say that won't mess you up for the rest of your life actually are in this situation.' When Children Grieve gave us real examples, real solutions, and a clearer perspective on what to say and why. I truly believe this has made a tremendous difference for our children, as well as both of us. I would recommend this to ALL parents! Kids will go through different things in life, and this truly teaches the tools so that adults can pass them on and know how to help them start young at handling things in a healthy way!"

Ross B., age 42, CFO

"I wish I had these tools growing up. I would have made such different choices earlier on. I already feel free from so many things that I didn't even realize were causing me to behave the way I did, and I feel so lucky to move forward, able to grieve and let things go. I see older people still hurt or closed off, and now I understand why. I already see how much I leaned on things and didn't let myself grieve when I needed to. Now I know how. I didn't know I could feel this way. This was a lifelong game-changer!"

Danielle T., age 24, Law Student

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