*All Military, Law Enforcement, and Primary Custody Parents ask to receive discounts

Grief Recovery Services Offered

Group Sessions

Group Sessions meet with 2-16 people, one night a week, for 8 weeks. You will learn the incorrect ways we have been taught for generations of how to deal with grief, then taught the researched, tested, and proven method to properly complete that which is unfinished in your life . We will do this by focusing on and applying the method to one specific loss. You will never have to share your story, information, or loss with the entire group. You are taught in a group setting, and then you will work one on one with someone.

One on One Sessions

In One on One sessions we will complete the same objectives as the Group Sessions. These sessions will be held with only you and your specialist, one day a week for 7 weeks. These are preferred, at times, by those in high profile positions. We greatly encourage you to participate in the group sessions, if possible, due to the numerous benefits of working in a group. However, we do offer individual work for those who request it.


Grief Recovery specialists are asked to speak at gatherings and events around the world to educate people on what grief is, the myths people have been taught about grief, and how they can find the truth, completion, and a healthier, happier life. 

We also do seminars on When Children Grieve, teaching parents, teachers, and all adults, how to best aid children in the process of grief.

Speaking engagements include corporations, small businesses, church events, women's and men's groups, schools, health and faith conferences, as well as many more. 

Feel free to call us to discuss your specific event.